Who am I?   I don’t know, who are you?   Why are you talking to me?  What do you WANT!?!?

I suppose I’m a big pinko-hippie-liberal, but once long ago I lived in a magical land far, far away–known to some as Texas–and there I called myself “libertarian” and “conservative”.   I don’t think I’ve changed much, so the magic Texas dust must be wearing off.   Strange but the experience has left me the odd desire to contort my fingers into a semblance of horns and say “hook ’em!”.

These days, I’m working on graduating from an unnameable pinko-commie East Coast school–the kind where they teach both kinds of macro… discrete time RBC models and continuous time RBC models–with my PHD in Econ, but in the meantime I plan to update this blog as a close substitute to having a life.   My field is microeconomic theory with a focus on game theory and bounded rationality.

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